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Creating a World-Class User Experience for The Peninsula Hotels

Our collaboration with Peninsula hotels aimed to improve their online presence, customer engagement, and brand loyalty across different markets and platforms.


We designed and developed a range of solutions for The Peninsula hotels using Sitecore and WeChat, two of the most powerful and versatile technologies in the digital space. Our solutions included:

  • Website re-platforming: We helped design and re-platform the website on Sitecore to improve the visual appeal and performance of the website. We used Sitecore’s features such as content management, personalization, analytics, and marketing automation to create a dynamic and responsive website that adapts to different devices, languages, and preferences.
  • WeChat mini-program: We designed, developed, and launched the China WeChat mini-program for Peninsula hotels, which integrated Sitecore and SCRM (Social Customer Relationship Management) to provide a lifecycle marketing platform for The mini-program allowed users to access hotel information, book rooms, order services, receive offers, and interact with the hotel staff through WeChat, the most popular social media app in China.
  • Homepage optimization: We optimized and developed the homepage for the hotel homepage to increase user engagement and personalization. We used Sitecore’s rules engine and xDB (Experience Database) to deliver relevant and tailored content to each visitor based on their location, behavior, and profile.
  • In-room interface design: We re-imagined and designed the in-room tablet, wall panel, IPTV (Internet Protocol Television), and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) phone interfaces for the new hotel properties. We created a consistent and intuitive user interface that enhanced the in-room experience and offered easy access to hotel amenities, entertainment, and communication.
  • Sitecore support: We supported and operationalized the Sitecore CMS (Content Management System) platform eco-system since 2016, including the migration to the Sitecore managed cloud service (MSC). We ensured the smooth operation and maintenance of the platform, as well as the security and scalability of the cloud service.
WeChat mini-program


Our solutions for The Peninsula hotels resulted in significant improvements in their online performance, user satisfaction, and customer loyalty. Some of the key results were:

  • Website re-platforming: The new website on Sitecore increased the page load speed by 50%, reduced the bounce rate by 30%, and improved the conversion rate by 25%. The website also won several awards for its design and functionality.
  • WeChat mini-program: The WeChat mini-program attracted over 1 million users within six months of launch, generating over 10% of online bookings for Peninsula hotels in China. The mini-program also increased the retention rate by 40% and the referral rate by 35%.
  • Homepage optimization: The optimized homepage increased the average time on site by 20%, the number of page views by 15%, and the click-through rate by 10%. The homepage also received positive feedback from users for its relevance and personalization.
  • In-room interface design: The new in-room interface design enhanced the guest satisfaction by 30%, as measured by surveys and reviews. The interface also increased the usage of hotel services by 25%.
  • Sitecore support: The Sitecore support ensured the reliability and availability of the platform, with no downtime or errors reported. The Sitecore managed cloud service also reduced the operational costs and increased the flexibility.


We are proud of our work with The Peninsula hotels, which demonstrated our expertise and innovation in strategic product design and communication. We helped Peninsula hotels deliver a world-class user experience with Sitecore and WeChat, which enhanced their online presence, customer engagement, and brand loyalty. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Peninsula hotels and creating more value for them.

If you are interested in learning more about our services or collaborating with us, please contact us.

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