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How Sitecore can boost your customer experience strategy

The digital customer experience (DCX) has changed almost beyond recognition in a very short time span, and this rate of change is likely here to stay, not least because the economic recovery from the most recent downturn, the worst in living memory, will be digital.

through a unified, single platform. Calls to action that are personalized convert 202% more than non-personalized ones and 52% of marketers use three to four marketing channels as compared to 44% in 2015.

The experience provided to a customer is more nuanced than ever before and has evolved beyond transaction-based interactions. Brands must provide high-quality, individualized content that resonates with the target audience. This type of digital experience is not something that can be built in-house, so technology like Sitecore helps brands design and deliver seamless and personalized digital experiences, quickly and efficiently.

What’s Sitecore?

Sitecore solutions provide a foundation for crafting great customer experiences by providing intelligent commerce and customer experience management, personalized content creation, mobile experience management, content authoring, multichannel content management, social commerce, advertising, and campaigns. It also delivers insights and analytics, enabling marketers to achieve business goals like personalized interactions, cross-device segmentation, and cross-channel optimization. It’s a powerful, proven solution used to drive marketing and commerce performance across the full customer journey and to create optimal customer experiences. The Sitecore platform uses the power of Big Data and advanced marketing analytics to drive increased conversions, boost revenue and retain customers.

A single source of truth for your company

Getting a single view of your customers across your organization is vital to success. No one can know your customers like you do. When something happens to a customer, whether it be a purchase, retention or the addition of a new customer, you want to know. If something goes wrong, there is no better place to find out than from a single source of truth. If you don't have that, then you're at the mercy of your own team. A single source of truth gives you the ability to not only know what is going on in your business, but how your customers are experiencing it. That's a great position to be in as it helps you make the right decisions.

Getting a single view of your customers across your organization is vital to success.

Comprehensive CMS functions

The key aspects of Sitecore-based solutions that clients find beneficial are:

  • Support the composition, management, delivery and optimization of contextualized digital experiences across different channels and devices.
  • Provide an integrated suite of tools for content operations, digital asset management, content management, customer data management, personalization and testing, marketing automation, storefronts and marketplaces, search and merchandizing, order management and more.
  • Offer a modular software hosted in the cloud with flexible and scalable solutions that can meet diverse customer needs.
  • Enable organizations to build relationships with their audiences by delivering relevant and engaging content and data.
  • Measure the quantity and quality of your customers’ interactions across different channels and devices
  • Assign an Engagement Value score to each type of conversion based on its impact on your goals
  • Use Value per Visit metric to compare the effectiveness of your campaigns on different platforms
  • Leverage customer data, machine learning, testing and optimization to deliver personalized experiences at scale
  • Use Path Analyzer, Visual Editing Interface, List Segmentation and A/B/MV Testing tools to understand and improve your customer journeys

How can businesses use Sitecore?

Making personalized commerce possible is one part of the Sitecore benefits that many businesses have come to appreciate. This is achieved through:

  • The ability to combine content management, commerce and campaign management.
  • Integration with leading commerce platforms, including shopping engines and marketing automation platforms.
  • Integrated marketing service (AMS) and marketer self-service capabilities.
  • Multi-channel marketing automation.
  • Shopping experience building with marketing to help you scale and convert.
  • Smart campaign management to manage and optimize marketing campaigns.
  • Integration with leading loyalty platforms to create seamless customer experiences.

What makes Sitecore different?

Sitecore's open architecture gives brands control over their data, giving them the opportunity to dynamically scale and tailor solutions so that a brand can act like a distributed hub, coordinating all of the work that happens across the various solutions into a cohesive digital experience. When you combine the ability of your stakeholders to manage the process of adding more content to your site with the scalability to deliver that new content to your end consumers across channels, you're in a unique position to turn your brand's digital experience into a powerful one. Leading your customers’ journey means starting with the data.

It is the only technology in the market of its kind to be built from the ground up around the consumer, creating experiences and delivering content that truly resonates.

There are three different levels of engagement for any brand online.

The second level of engagement is the one marketers think about when they talk about optimizing for content on a site. This level of content has to be appealing, interesting, and relevant to engage in as it relates to driving conversions. This content should be sharable across channels, including email, paid search, social, and native. Sitecore makes all this possible.

Effective omnichannel communications and staying on top of technological advancements are crucial if you want to deliver a superlative DCX.

Final thoughts

It’s important to remember that companies have different business models, customers, and marketing priorities. But to stand out from the crowd, they all need the right tools. In short, effective omnichannel communications and staying on top of technological advancements are crucial if you want to deliver a superlative DCX.

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